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Buckboard Bacon First Attempt

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My pink salt arrived last week as I was cutting up a boneless butt for the dogs.  Lucky me.  I sliced off a hunk and decided to try my first BBB.


I went with a simple cure brine:


  • 1 quart of water
  • 1/3 cup of kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup turbinado sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of pink salt


I had a short cure window of 7 days due to the holidays approaching.  Last night was the last smoke until Xmas Eve.  So a 7 day cure in the fridge, 9 hours of drying with honey powder, GBP and maple, and into the MGS yesterday with some apple wood.  The lowest I can get the MGS is around 185. I waited about 2 hours and probed with a sterilized therm.


After cure:


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 001.jpg


Sprinkled with honey powder, GBP, and maple syrup:


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 002.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 003.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 004.jpg


After a short 9 hour nap unwrapped in the fridge:


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 005.jpg


After reaching 150 IT in the apple wood:


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 006.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 007.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 008.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 011.jpg


Buckboard Bacon 12-19-11 012.jpg


I was more than pleasantly surprised at the flavor of this.  The wife really loved it.  It was just a bit too sweet for my taste.


Is it okay to cut back on the sugar a bit in the wet cure?  Or is it necessary for the "hammy baconny" flavor?


Over all, for a shorter brine/cure, and a shorter smoke due to the MGS, I think it came out pretty good. 


Any suggestions or tips?

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Looks good to me!!


It's ok to cut back the sugar.



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Man I love that stuff, good job. I have never done a liquid cure, I always put it on dry and into the fridge.

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Looks great from here.


With the cure and salt in the brine, I see no problem reducing the sugar if that is your taste preference.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks, guys.  I appreciate it.  Less sugar in the brine next time!

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You have to love some good Buckboard bacon. It makes some of the best sammies too.

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