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Greenhouse Update 12/19

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Things have been going pretty well with a few stumbles along the way. Here's some pics


Got the building built over the Injector Board (water and nutrient system) Still have a couple things to do to finish it up but just stuff like caulking







This is the injector board below the black injectors are drums holding the nutrients and the water comes in through the pipe on the right then the nutrients are mixed in then it exits and goes to the plants.


Here's some of the seed starting Greenhouse









Here's some from inside the Greenhouse





















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Piney Estates?  What a setup and what a lot of work you have put in there.


Just awesome!


Good luck and good smoking.

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That cauliflower looks tasty.

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Piney every time i look at these pictures it makes me want to move south...then i remember our conversations about the summer heat and

The plants look healthy and and happy. Beer.gif The amount of tomato blossoms is unreal...hope the plants can support the weight with that much fruit on them..icon14.gif

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Piney, mornin'.. I love the pictures of your place.... In the pics where the starts are in the styro flats, are those misters in what looks like couplings ??? Very cool plumbing system....

 thanks for sharing... Dave

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What a great setup! This can't be the first greenhouse you have built.


Everything is so well designed. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Heck Jerry you have a growing compound now. The more I see your set the more I want to come visit. Now you have quite the set up for sure.

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Is this setup for business or just a hobby ?

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Dave I have two sets of misters in those pics. One is using the 1/2" PVC the misters are in a coupling like fitting and the mister itself will screw out for cleaning if needed. The second one the misters screw into 1/2" poly pipe.


Roller hopefully a bit of both I'm having fun with it but hope to be able to sell some produce as well

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That is one fine green house ! ! ! really looks like you have taken your time to do everything right.....I can appreciate the work that you have put into this...and the enjoyment you must be getting out of it . superjob.gif

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Looking great Piney!!


I had some of the cauliflower last nite.


Very tasty...was very sweet!!





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Wow Jerry that is really coming along. Quite a project for sure 

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Looks-Great.gif I'm jealous.biggrin.gifWhat kind of nutrient's do you use?

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Well its a real nice setup !

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What a difference from last april............. I'll need another tour...................icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by michael ark View Post

Looks-Great.gif I'm jealous.biggrin.gifWhat kind of nutrient's do you use?

Michael I'm using a 6-12-28 with trace minerals in the "A" tank and 15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate in the "B" tank I buy both from Verti-Gro


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Thanks, i was just curious.I have always been a bone meal, blood meal 10-10-10 guy.I like fish emulsion too.

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