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-Salt, first off Merry Christmas to you and all the other members of this forum.


My first venture with the smoker went well although certainly not without mishap. I did a chicken since I had read from various other forum entries that the first one or two times are not all that good. So I wanted to try and cheaper meal if I screwed it up. But all in all, the chicken came out good - moist and smokey. But I had to struggle with the fire temps getting too hot at first and the food cooking way too rapidly. But I finally got that in order. But at some point, my food probe stopped working (kept showing HHH instead of the temp). But at some point, I squeezed the connector back into the transmitter and that seemed to correct the problem.


It was a good experience overall, learned alot. I think my next attempt will be spare ribs.


Thanks to everyone for their help in getting me going.

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By the way, I have tried Evan Williams bourbon. Like it quite a bit. I've tried just about all the major labels. Evan Williams is a good one, so is Blantons single barrel, Kentucky Spirit and Rare Breed (both Wild Turkey) as well as Elijah Craig 18 year boubon (one of my favorites).


I'm getting ready to have my Chirstmas day cigar and a glass of bourbon and then watch the football game.

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Once you get your charcoal basket squared away - if you haven't already - using the minion method really helps level off the temp spikes/troughs with these smokers.  The good thing about your temp spiking is you can always dump heat by opening the chamber door...vs if your temps fall... having to fan the flames as it were.  But it also means you're baby sitting the smoker a lot more than you probably want to.


As for smoked yardbird... absolutely nothing wrong with that choice.  It's actually one of my favorite non-pork things to smoke.  If you haven't tried brining them before smoking, you should give it a try.  Really makes a big difference in my humble opinion.


And as for a good cigar and glass of bourbon, oh yeah, you're definitely speaking my language!   I've had all the other bourbons you listed above and have to agree with you on the Elijah Craig 18.  One of my favs too, as is Bakers and Bookers.  I enjoyed an Oliva Cain Daytona 660 and a nice glass of Bookers myself yesterday!


Happy Holidays!



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