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First Moinks AND first Q-view

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Hey guys, I have enjoyed ALL of the helpful hints, tips, techniques, ect that I have observed on this forum.  I have decided that it is time that I have to submit something.  I smoked a full brisket, and a pair of butts this weekend for my Bro-in-law's graduation -reception.  I was totally running around like a decapitated chicken, and no time to submit a q-view.  So I decided to submit a post of my first endeavor of Moinks.  This has two kinds of pork (bacon/sausage) so I figured it goes in the PORK thread.  This is for a potluck tomorrow at my work.  I work in surgery in my local hospital, good thing that its not the Cardiac Cath Department.






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Well your moink balls look good so far.

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IMAG0072.jpgThe finished product....

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Man I love those things..and yours look just great !

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Thanks!  They went over great.  I am glad I set a couple aside for my wife, they went quick.  I have been requested to do a brisket for my family this weekend.  I am looking forward to another cook night.

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Mmmmmmm....... bite sized and begging for consumption.  Looks great

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Looks Delicious!!! Is that just Pork sausage wraped in Bacon?? Any thing else in those beauties?? Rub or sauce??


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Looks good! Sounds like they turned out well. Recipe?

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This is basically the recipe that Jeff sent out in Dec's newsletter.  However, I made just a couple adaptations and they came out great.  


2lbs ground chuck

2lbs ground pork

25 cubes of colby jack cheese

3 eggs

1/2c bread crumbs

1/2c of my BBQ rub

25 pieces of thick cut bacon (cut in half strips)



Mix all of the ingredients (except the bacon and cheese) in a large mixing bowl.  Make small meatball around the cube of cheese,  Wrap with bacon, and secure with toothpick.  Place in 225 deg smoker (I did them with hickory).  Let them smoke till internal temp is 165, took about 2 1/2 hours.  





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Ok, I have been away from the forum too long. Those look amazing. Thanks for copying in the recipe and the minor changes.

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All I can say is drool.gif!!!!!

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Dang son.... those look killer!

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that looks tasty. another goodie i need to try out. I sure hope my friends aren't on any kind of New years diet!

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That looks great it makes me leave the computer and look for Something to eat

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Nice MooooooOinks



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They look delicious! 



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WELL, you may wish you worked the cath lab.  You would be closer to the Cardiologist that way.  LOL.  But looks great.

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Looks like you nailed it --Nice Work !

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