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were did you find such a nice smoker?     Looks-Great.gif

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It's kind of a funny story

I spent a small fortune on buying all my stuff new and always designed and built my own smokers...

Anyway now that I'm broke I've been scanning Craigslist every day looking for deals on commercial goody's for the truck

About a month ago I saw this one Figured it was a scam for the price...599...So I didn't even call on it

Friday I saw it again and was going to be in that neighborhood so I gave the guy a call

$500 no haggle and I was on my way home with my BRAND NEW , Never had a fire in it smoker...I couldn't buy the materials for that

It will get a few mods even tho It was well thought out

But there are a few thing that I'll be changing...It has some drain holes that Need to be covered with flaps or doors to give better control and still allow drainage The baffle for the reverse flow is too  long...Easy fix with my hole saw...And the lid is REAALY HEAVY...a counter balance weight and some stops on the hinge will fix that...

I have 6  of the 14 hous of the burn in  done Oak and cherry...Oak for the rtaw heat and cherry for flavor and it's heavy smoke qualities...Help to seal up some leaks around the door...All in all I lucked out

Like I said before I couldn't buy the base materials for the $500 I paid for it 

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Just another Sunday smoke...

My new unNamed sausage...Canadian style Bacon...Buckboard Bacon...Pulled Pork...

B-Fast Sausage...

For some strange reason I have a belly ache today...All turned out really well...Belly ache...I guess I shouldn't eat a couple of each while they are cooling







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Great job Spec!  Love the new smoker, lots of room and I agree it was a great find!  Keep up the good work.

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Thanks Frosty,

It's alot easier to maintain cooler temps for Bacon than mt small one

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After almost a year and a half

I finally pulled the trigger on the Mobile kitchen...I looked hard and long, changed my mind about a thousand times, comprimised and changed the game plan a couple hundred more times too...

I finally had to poop or get off the pot...

78' Ford Eldorado...I wanted a Chev...

460 power plant...I wanted a 350

24 feet...Perfect

Didn't really want a rear bath...but got one...But I'm happy as hell to have found close to what I wanted and at a price I was willing to pay...

It's in really good shape for it's age...almost a shameto gut it...




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