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Its been a while, but i finally landed a job where I am afforded the time and money to start smoking again.  Thank heavens for that. I purchased 5 splash proof thermapens for Christmas gifts and got a free infra red oven thermometer too. Nice to be back. Hope the world is treating you all well.

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I love my thermapen. I hope I am on your Christmas list. biggrin.gif

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Welcome back Mike glad to see ya around again

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Welcome back!


Those will make great gifts. I love mine!

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Welcome back Mike and its nice to see you working again. Now the thermapen are really good thermo meter I hear.

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wow...five of them?!?  I wanna be on your christmas list!

I love my good, it completely removed the hassle and worry over checking temp!

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I finally picked one up and I'm glad I did so before the refurbished sale went away. It's always nice to be able to save a few bucks! icon14.gif

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Welcome back and I gotta get me one of those!

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Yep , that's next on my BEG list wife.gif

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