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Dried Beef with Q View and a question

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Did a couple of Eye of Rounds Wednesday,  in cure for 7 1/2 days, rolled in cracked pepper, garlic and onion salt and put in frig overnight.  Smoked for 11 hrs  started off at 130 degrees and graduated up to 175 degrees, using Hickory and Apple sawdust.  Finished at IT of 153 degrees.  Attached is pics of meat.  My question is in the last picture you will see a small area that was a pale pink in the center.  It was in the middle of the roast for only about 1 1/2 inches of the slices.  Is this uncured and is it safe to eat.  The Roast read 153 IT in the center using my Maverick probe and another probe I also tested with.  Thanks for any input.  By the way the beef is delicious.drool.gif480Dried Beef.JPGDried Beef all sliced up adj.jpglight color center.JPG

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Yes, the cure did not reach quite far enough into the meat in sufficient concentration to fully cure it in that particular area.  As long as you cured it under refrigeration and refrigerated it after slicing, it won't be a problem being interior; if it were on the surface where pathogens could get to it then it could be, but it's not.  I've often seen small areas that don't soak up enough cure; you may want to inject your beef next time (see "Original Dried Beef" post in my sig line).  Did you wet cure it (immerse in brine) or dry cure it (cover with TQ)?

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I drive cured with TQ and brown sugar and in frig all the time.
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I had the same problem with my pastrami.  Made it from scratch but but not quite reach the next time I am going to inject meat with brine.  I brined it for 10 days you would have it would have reached the center by then.  Here is new injector ham 011.JPG  I am very proud of that.  LOL


It was a really big Tri Tip though.


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