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2011...before...and after

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That will work!


Just put my snow peas in during the first part of November.  Unless we have a bad freeze this year, we should be good in spring.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking garden...everything looks happy and healthy!!!icon14.gif

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Looks good I'm still growing in the Greenhouses and have some snow peas about ready to be planted

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The only thing I am growing now is fat and lazy..... But there is hope.... 

My rosemary plant, I left outside for the winter, is still green and doing well... the plant I brought inside died... 

I think nature is doing a pretty good job of taking care of it... obviously better than I could....... 

Sometimes I don't understand gardening...   Congrats on your snowpeas... they look really great...





                                                  KOMK Monthly temperature chart for December 2011rosemary.jpg


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Growing Fat and Lazy,  got ya beat there.  I'm already fat and lazy!


I did put a hundred strawberry plants in the ground and in pots in my little greenhouse.  Also started a couple of trays of lettuce and broccoli and  planted a couple of rows of turnips and collards.

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