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Beef Sticks

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Well yesterday I decided to make up a batch of beef sticks. I've never did them before so I used a Hi Mountain mix. Mixed them all up and the wife helped me stuff them. Put them in the fridge overnight and got up this morning and started smoking them about 9:30 am. They turned out pretty good for our first try at stuffing. We did have a few small air pockets but not bad. We cut them into bite size pieces and vacum sealed them. I think we ended up with 12 bags all together.

tmpphpWbYgrw-raw.jpgtmpphpYCVUlF-Stixs in smoker.jpgtmpphpjirKQK-stixs done.jpgtmpphpNMkiFy-cut up.jpg




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Ok that didn't work worth a hoot. Anybody help me out with the picture issue?

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I tried but it didn't work for me either.


Do you have the pictures on your computer?

 If so click the insert image icon and it will allow you to download directly from your computer if not go back to photobucket and copy the img line and paste.


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When you want to post a pic you will see the bar at the top of the posting box here. Top right you will see the icons like the smiley face, horizontal, table, paper clip, video link and the insert image. Image is the one to click on which will open a box to do a browse on your comp where your pics are. I keep mine to post on the desktop so i can find easy then after posting i put in a folder.



Like this.


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<a href=";current=2011-12-11151614.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>\\



I found you pictures but I don't have enough smarts to make them work, they look good though.

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Thanks for the help guys. This is different from most boards I post on.

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They look just GREAT !!!!

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Nice sticks Johnnie, good job.



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Now those look like some fine snack sticks you have there.

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Nice work, looks great!!

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Good job on the sticks.

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Great looking sticks...............icon14.gif



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Nice job on the sticks Johnnie!

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone. They taste pretty good too.

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