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Any Smokehouse items for sale?

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Hi, my name is Ron and i have been disabled for two years now from a major car accident when a teenage girl hit me while texting on her cell phone. I was wanting to see if anyone out there had any used smokehouse items for sale. I need a smoke generator, grinders, stuffers etc. I am wanting to try and do deer proccesing and smoked foods in my home town to earn money for my family. We dont have one in our area so i know it would be succesful. If anyone is able to help i would appreciate it.


Thank you


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Keep an eye on Craigs list in your area.  You may also ask to post a  "Want to Purchase" add at your local butcher shop.  I see adds for this stuff in the local "Penny Saver" classified adds.  


Good luck with both the equipment search and your health.



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Where do you live?

There just may be a member of SMF who lives close by and can help out




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I would also say craig's list (but be careful) and maybe E-bay usaully has some good stuff. You could always go to Northern tools they have some good equiptment for pretty cheap to.

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