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Pork Shoulder

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Picked up an 8+lb. Pork Shoulder last night at Albertsons. Got a little brine going with water, apple juice, cider vinegar, salt, garlic powder, paprika, mustard powder, onion powder and a little cayenne and liquid smoke.



Gave him injections of the brine, rolled him around, injected, rolled, injected, rolled, etc…








He camped out overnight on the porch at 25F.

Today I invited him in to he kitchen and dried him off with a towel.



Built a rub of: pepper, onion powder, paprika, mustard powder, cayenne and garlic powder.



Rubbed him all over and made him happy.

Years ago my brother in-law gave me 2 bagel boards, one of the best gifts ever, been using them for BBQ ever since.





Here’s my modded MES 30, drilled a hole for exterior temp gage, installed a 3/16” steel plate from the pistol range as a heat/smoke diffuser to compensate for the MES hot spot.


Patiently waiting on my A-MAZE-N smoker, I heard there is one coming around the 25th of this month! For this Butt were going to have to make due with the MES.






Apple chips for this one… Cabelas had them on sale.




My thermocouple is an UEi Industrial model with dual I/O. Extra brine for basting…

I plan on going around 16 to 20 hrs on this one at a MES setting of 210F to 230F. More to come...







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I bet it will turn out pretty dang good.

Cant wait
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Looking good...Out of curiousity, why inject Liquid Smoke into that which will be Smoked?...I have done that on a Butt when it was Too Cold to go outside and smoke...JJ

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Look like a great start!

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It is a good start

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YTour off to a great start now we will all wait right here for the next round of q-view. 

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Looking good

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He is getting close...




Pulled him after ~20hrs - IT 190F...



Wrap him up...




True meaning of "In like a house cat"



Finishing sauce is next...

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looks great!
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Finishing sauce...



All pulled up...



Dinner is served...



It was good!


Good for lunch tomorrow too.

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Very nice

Looks like some great bark on the PP drool.gif

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Very nice

Looks like some great bark on the PP drool.gif

agreed, that looks good!

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