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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

I gin give you basic parts. The water stuffer was made for me and some of the parts like the piston, bulkhead and around the main tube have been machined.

I will do a video to. Prob sometime mon/tues. with some sticks

Machined you say..... just gives me a reason to play with the mills and lathes at work!!! Its nice to have a tool shop at your disposal some times!
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I know he used sched 40, 80 with some sort of water pipe fittings.


Here are the machined parts.




Inner O ring, inner bulkhead insert. Note the machining on the bulkhead..




O ring seated inside and outter O ring for tight fitting in the front of main tube.







Bulkhead fully assembled. Front side showing.





Back side.





Here is the ram, or piston.


Machined  grooved for the O rings. The SS bolt is to keep the piston from going all the way back to the rear tube cap.




Front pusher. O rings on piston.




This is how the piston pushes into the bulkhead.






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Looks-Great.gifThanks for the info.

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as usual, waiting to see the finished wan k(nepas)biggrin.gif

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Got my parts being put together.





Putting the receptacle box together. For now the switch is not hot. This will go to power on/off the 1/10 hp pump when i get it.




Wiring the plug.



Break the tabs off the plug or it will not fit. There are perf maks for easy breaking.




All done. The plug will be for my grinder pedal and the valve will be wired and plugged to the piggy back on the pedal plug.




WOOOOHOOO It works...... Now the valve.




This is my leak box (should that happen)



I fastened the double valve. I bought it new at an appliance repair place for $14. Its a double so i will wire one valve and have a backup. I put a cap on the one not being used.



The hose from the valve to the T will go to the inlet side of the stuffer. The plug hose will eventually be connected to the pump which will draw the piston back. I will need braided hose for when that is installed.


I found water hose quick disconnects by the hoses at Lowes. Hope they work. NOTE to self. Buy an extra extension cord to wire the valve....HA





Keeps all the parts together to even.





Its still a work in progress before the maiden water test.

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Lookin good Brother


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You do good work my friend.

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Got most of the connections done and IT WORKS....WOOOHOOO


Test before final connections.

valve electric connect



Got the valve power to the piggy back of my grinder pedal




No pedal on.



Pedal off.




On again




Now tape and secure the cord. Will work on the water hose inlet to the stuffers next.



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Very cool - looks like you nailed it - congrats 

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Nepas, I'd like too offer a suggestion on this. I'm not bashing your work in any way it's just a suggestion. Instead of using tape on your connections, I recommend you use heat shrink tube, much more reliable then tape. 


With that being said I love this idea, I do not own a stuffer yet and am following this with great interest, as I would like to get into stuffing my own sausages.

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Hey Rick!



Where do we get the piston and bulkhead?

How Much?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Rock and Roll dude. That's awesome.

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I know i wish i could have found the small bags of shrink wrap at our local Lowes and Homepeepot but all they had was the big bags, not going to spend that much when i only needed 2 small lengths.




The piston and bulkhead were machined by my friend. You might have to message me and i can forward his email to you. I could no way begin to tell you how he made them.



Thanks alelover buddy. Hey went back to the schnitzel place with my wife again, man thats good food and beir

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The last thing I want to do is make the parts!

I've got enough on my plate right now!!!







No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Can you send me a drawing Rick. I have a lathe.

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Can you send me a drawing Rick. I have a lathe.

Check your messages.

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Maybe thats why my doc put me on Xanax.....HAHA



This is what i'm shooting for.




What is the round white thing in the picture ??

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