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Jerky Help

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I made a batch of beef jerky (london broil) yesterday. When I pulled it off, it seemed dry enough. I put it in a ziploc after it had come to room temp. Today, it is almost like it rehydrated overnight. Very chewy and moist to the touch. It wasn't like that last night. Can I reheat it and try to dry it out again or should I just chalk it up to learning experience?


Thanks in advance...

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Did you cure the jerky or just season and dry. I do both. I also have put jerky back in the dryer because i wanted it dryer. I found that if i dry the meat and then put it in a bag and seal you will end up with moister in the bag. I now let it sit for awhile to make sure the moisture is gone befor i seal the bag.


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I agree with ExhaustedSpark, I usually put mine in a ziplock but leave it open until cool.  Then toss in the fridge overnight with the bag still open.  Then to store it I will vac seal up into serving sizes and back in the fridge.  I would just try and leave it air dry and see if it gets any better.



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I just let mine air dry for awhile and then throw it in the fridge. I have never cured as it's ALWAYS gone within 3 days.
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I never seal mine up air tight. I cure it and when I dry it and put it in a container I leave it out for a few days while eating on it. When I do put it in the frig I still never seal it up air tight...If I should ever have enough left that I have to freeze it then I vacum seal it...God help if I ever have to do that...

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I mentioned the cure as the FDA say alway cure when drying and or smoking on low temp. However i do love sun dried jerky.

Summer of course


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a little citric acid in it, and it won't matter...It'll be shelf stable then


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Clostridium Botulinum spores and many other Bacteria are inhibited at Acid Ph of 4.6 or less...Oranges are about Ph 4, Lemons Ph of 2-3 from about 5-6% Citric Acid...This would indicate Flyweed's post is reasonable ...but whats, "a little citric acid" it needs to Taste slightly sour to be at 4.6Ph...Combined with Salt and a low Moisture content, some Cure #1 would be nice too,  it should be ok...But refrigeration is Always recommended for Safety!...JJ

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The plastic bag is the reason it "rehydrated"  You should store it in the paper bag or even a container with holes punched in it.

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Chef Jimmy...I couldn't give him a "quantity" as he only said a "batch" of there's the variable.  Which is why I left out the amount of citric acid to use. :)




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Thanks for all the replies. I did use Morton TQ at the recommended amount when marinating. I also let it come to room temp before sealing. I'm thinking I didn't go long enough in the smoker. Since I used TQ, I am assuming it is still safe to eat, just not the texture I was going for. If I get sick, I guess I'll know.


1 attempt = 1 failure. Live and learn...


Thanks again for all the replies.

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I wouldn't say it's a failure..if it tastes good to you then you are good to go.


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Definately not a Failure!...Just not the type of jerky you can store without refrigeration...JJ

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