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More Wurst: Bock & Cheese!

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I decided to make a couple of batches of fresh sausage this weekend as I had most of the ingredients handy. I'll be making 'bockwurst'—a sausage I've made previously with good results. The other is 'Käsewurst' ('cheese sausage'). Both batches will be about 5 pounds.


Previously when I made bockwurst, I used a combo of pork & veal. For the sake of convenience this time, I'm using chicken dark meat in place of the veal. Whereas before I emulsified the meat mix in a processor prior to stuffing, this time in place of using a processor, I'm doing a second 'fine' (3.0mm) grind before stuffing. I'm interested to see how they compare texturally.


For the Käsewurst, I'm using 'regular' cheese, not the 'high temp' variety.

You can get both these recipes from Len Poli's site.


First the ingredients:


For the Bockwurst— to 4lbs of pork, 1/2lb of pork fat, &1lb of chicken I'll be adding the following...



For the Käsewurst— to 4.5lbs of pork, I'll add this collection...



I had 2.5 good size pork butts in the fridge, plus a packet of boneless chicken thighs. I cut these up and nearly froze them.




I used a medium plate (4.5mm) to grind everything.

For the bockwurst— porkfat, pork butt, and chicken all ground together...



After cleaning the grinder thoroughly (post-poultry grind), I ground the pork for the Käsewurst:



Bockwurst; All ingredients in, plus added the 16oz of heavy cream to the mix:



After all ingredients were added and well-mixed, time for the second grind. This is using a fine plate (3.0mm). A very sticky paste that was challenging to keep feeding through the auger. However, this process was easily 2X as fast as emulsifying multiple batches in a food processor....



RESULT? a very uniform, smooth meat paste that is very similar to the emulsified paste in my previous bock batch:



On to the Käsewurst: added all the ingredient (except the cheese) to the ground pork. The aroma of the allspice, garlic and herbs de provence really was great!



CHEESE TIME: Adding the emmenthaler cubes to the meat paste...



I'll be stuffing these tomorrow. The meat mixes will sit overnight in the fridge. I'll be using 32mm hog casings for the bock, and 38mm for the kasewurst. Both will go for a hot bath (poach) after stuffing.


More to come....








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It really looks good so far!

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The finial grind of the bockwurst looks perfect Kevin, looking forward to the cooked sliced view when done. thanks for sharing.


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You do nice work Kevin...JJ

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Okay, had a number of things to do today—so I got a later start on finishing the sausages today. I kept them in our 3rd fridge in the garage—where my sons like to keep their stuff. The mixes made the garage smell like a deli counter—garlicky, onion......biggrin.gif

**One note I failed to mention in my initial post: each recipe called for an appropriate amount of cure#1 ( 1 tsp/ 3/4tsp) to be added to the meat paste. This was added & mixed prior to the meat batches going into the fridge overnight.


The stuffing went quickly with the help of my son. Because these were smaller batches (about 5 pounds each), I used my grinder with stuffer attachments. It takes two people to do the job efficiently & can be a pain! If I was by myself and/or a bigger load, I would have use my Kirby Cannon stuffer. Good father/son time, though!


About ten pounds of wurst goodness! In the background, you can see the 'red glow' of my turkey roaster; heating the water where these two batches will end up once the water temp hits about 160°



First to go in the pool were the Käsewurst. These took about 35 minutes to reach the desired temp. Because they're a larger diameter than the bocks, I figured they'd take a bit longer.



Once I pulled the Käsewurst, onto the rack to cool they went.




Into the poacher went the bocks...



About 20-25 minutes they were ready to pull.


Bocks on the rack cooling:





The bockwurst really exceeded my expectations! I wasnt sure whether I'd really notice the chicken vs veal exchange—and to be honest—I cant tell the difference.

The flavor is mild, onion-y with a hint of spice—just what I was targeting.

PLUS the texture was smooth, uniform and consistent—without going to the hassle of emulsifying batch after batch.yahoo.gif

These go great with a nice Riesling (or bock beer!), some fried 'taters, sauerkraut, and a good mustard!



The Käsewurst got rave reviews from everyone. A coarser texture than the bocks (as expected), and a bit more 'robust' flavor profile with garlic & herbs.

The emmenthaler cheese is wonderful in it. My son sliced one lenghwise & grilled it—and so his had a bonus of that 'crusty' toasted cheese flavor! drool.gif Good stuff!





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Looks awesome Kevin........icon14.gif



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Looks great! 

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Wow,  great looking stuff Kevin!  The meat texture of the bocks looks damn near perfect.

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Man that looks Incredible!...Great job...JJ

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That looks perfect, Kevin.


I have done the double grind and I also had trouble with the auger, but it did work for a different sausage without the cream.  With the cream in this one, it looks perfect to me!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Got the majority of the 2 batches put away in zip-lock bags.I was going to 'food-saver' a big portion, but it didn't make a whole lotta sense since my three sons & I have been polishing these things off in good order. biggrin.gif


Of the original 10 pounds, I think about 1/3s is already gone...and its only Tuesday! Should have enough to last through the weekend.







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I'm Digging These Sausages!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Excellent job Kevin!

Looks amazing!






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Kevin, those look delicous! I might have to try those sometime.

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Originally Posted by Johnnie Walker View Post

Kevin, those look delicous! I might have to try those sometime.

Thanks, JW.

The kasewurst is the easier of the two to make. Fewer ingredients and fewer steps from grind to finished product.

Had some this morning for breakfast; fried with a couple of eggs...tasty!  439.gif




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Wow those both look great! I could go for one of each right now.

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Awesome sausage and post!!!


  Thanks for sharing!!



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Originally Posted by Couger78 View Post

Thanks, JW.

The kasewurst is the easier of the two to make. Fewer ingredients and fewer steps from grind to finished product.

Had some this morning for breakfast; fried with a couple of eggs...tasty!  439.gif




Thanks Kevin. Those definately look good. sausage.gif


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Now thats some fine looking sausages that you have made there Kevin. Man I really need to make some more sausage soon. 

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