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TRI TIP,,,, in Florida?

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When to Target to get a few things and found this.


2011-12-03 11.43.42.jpg



Never done one I'm smoking it at the same time I'm doing my first "Dudestrami”.


What IT should I cook the Tri Tip?



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I like to pull at 135º - 140º IT

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Yum Tri Tip. I wish I could  get  them around here for  a reasonable price. I can't can't find any good meat at Target. Ours just recently renovated to add the grocery's so hopefully they will start getting in some good stuff eventually. I agree you want to eat that Tri Tip at while its still medium rare.

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I hear ya Ross,

I look for them all the time but still not any where I live hissyfit.gif

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Ok 135º - 140º IT it will be.


2011-12-03 13.25.08.jpg



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I do 130. The rest for bout 2 hrs
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I do 125 & rest for 1/2 hour, but we like rare!

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I agree 130 and rest. Love mine rage

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Bake Potatoes added to go with Tri Tip.



2011-12-03 14.56.37.jpg

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Walmart just started carrying them here!  So they are probably available nationwide, ask the market manager if he can get you some.  Just got back from the store, they are $5.98 lb.

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I pulled at 138 IT. Put some Corn on the Cob in boiling sugar water.


2011-12-03 16.23.15.jpg

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It's looking real good!

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Nice!  Sounds like a full plate.

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Looking good Tom

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Looks delicious. I would have done 125 though I love rare meat
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OMG I will be doing more of these.


2011-12-03 17.59.45.jpg


2011-12-03 18.00.36.jpg




This was so good.


2011-12-03 18.06.04.jpg




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They have to be charging extra $$ to put Guy's mug on the Label...I trust you can season one up as well as that GUY!...drool.gif...JJ

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Good thing I have ribeyes on the grill otherwise I would be taking a flight out tonight.  LOL

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Now that looks perfect Tom drool.gif


You did a great job icon14.gif


Thanks for sharing

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great looking smoke, but I agree with JJ man make your own rub (or use one thats on here, like Jeffs rib rub) and you will be even more impressed. (remember, guys seasoning is on it, but he damn sure isnt the one that made it good to eat, that was you)
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