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Flock of Turkeys - with Q-view

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My first post here in the Poultry forum - complete with Q-View. A week late, but I've been busy.TurkeysInTheSmoker.jpg

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thats a delicious looking flock drool.gif

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Wow, that is one full-o-birds smoker!  Those look like they turned out real nice.  I love that smoker!  I don't have anything big enough to get 6 turkeys in it.  Nice job on that rebuild.

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That looks good!!


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Thanks for all the great comments!TurkeyInThePan.png


Sorry, rough iPhone photo.

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That's one good looking bird!

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Dude your evil!!!! Keep up the great work as I wipe up my drool!

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Beautiful work, I betcha all of them were perfect!  Outstanding.

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Great looking birds and great looking smoker.

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It looks great i love the color of the bird  great smoke .

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You can't beat the color of that bird icon_eek.gif



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Looks great.drool.gif Ether your feeding a flock of people or ya smoked for friends as well, ether way very nice looking birds. Is that the first smoke since the rebuild?

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color looks amazing!! delicious looking bird grilling_smilie.gif
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