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How many of you smoke other meats?

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I will smoke chicken, but I'm not a beef kind of guy (love steaks, burgers, etc.).  Pork is where it is at though.  Growing up my dad ran a hog farm so all we ate was pork.

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I will smoke smoke anything that once moved.

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Hey if I can get it to stay in the smoker without chaining the lid shut, its going to get smoked! I enjoy smoking poultry and pork most though.
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I don't discriminate when it comes to putting stuff on the smoker. Brownies and cookies were not that good though.

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If it will fit in my smoker its in trouble ! ! !

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Anything & everything!

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Smoked up a bunch of chicken livers several times and they were delicious!



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If its edible its smokeable ,if you kill the whole animal eat the whole animal.

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Just about anything that flys, walks, crawls, swims.  I have done things such as oysters, gator, rabbit,  turkeys, chicken, beef, pork, chili, and more. 

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