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since it's cold i'm making albondigas..........

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there is no place for random dishes so i put it here........if the mods can find a better place have at it!


what ever veggies in the house can be used......

ground beef, rice, green onion, cilantro, cumin, oregano and S&P......

make what ever size you like, i prefer golfball sized.....

almost done when they float......cut one open and test it.

time to get warmed up with a fresh bolillo roll..........

and as usual, thx for stoppin' by........


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Like me momma used to make



Very nice

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Damn Rob, Looks like you cook pretty good! You ever consider becoming a Chef?ROTF.gif..JJ

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Hey Rob I am on the way drool.gifLooks great man

Kathy wants a bowl too 

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nepas......moms and nanas make the best!


JJ....nah, too much work!


gary, good cuz i can't seem to just cook for naomi and the kid..........always plenty left over!

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If you don't post a recipe for this, I'll die of starvation and it will be your fault!


Kidding aside, please post the recipe, I'd love to try this; I've never heard of it or seen it done before.

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Looks great Rob
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Wow Rob it looks yummy it reminds me of an old Romania soup called " chorba de pireshare" (meat ball soup)

ahh it looks so good

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Looks Great Rob!

How would it be with Italian Sausage?



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Never had it before. It sure looks delicious!

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I have this each time I'm in Detroit.  A local Mexican restaurant makes it very well.  They use whole red potatoes and halved ears of corn.  The first time you get it you have to form a game plan because it looks almost impossible to eat.  That looks great!

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Looks great!!



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Looks great.


I like the Italian Sausage idea too!!


Uncooked rice? Does it get tender? 

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firecapt - i don't do recipes but if you look whats there, ya pretty much got it. i will say that there is about 1.5 # ground beef and about 1/2 cup of rice. the rest is just soup so make it how you like it. the main flavor defining ingredients are 1 bunch of cilantro (1/2 in the meatbals and 1/2 in the soup) and about 2 Tbsp of mexican oregano again 1/2 in the soup and 1/2 in the meatballs.


todd, i would switch the cilantro for basil and orzo for rice.........and make sure the sausage has fennel, dounds good!


kydave, the rice does fully cook after about 30-40 min in a gentle boil.

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Looks great points.gif

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I could go for some of that right now...looks real good !

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Good looking, and I wish I had Smell-o-VIsion on my computer.  Super job!

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That looks exactly the way I like it!


Good luck and good smoking.

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