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Welcome aboard, Dave!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Ok...I'm still trying to find my way around this place so bare with me! lol! I posted (I thought posted in the smoking section) about how much chips should I use in my new smoker.

It's a masterbuilt electric 30" .

I Got alot of info when I went to the search part,as suggested, but still don't understand! Sorry so stupid but I'm a newbee!

I can't get a clear answer on "how much chips should I use" while smoking in this smoker.

If I wanna try a much chips and how often do i check it or replace them?

If I do a chicken...same question and so on??

What is the difference between hot smoke and cold smoke?

I see that most are cooking at around 220 to 235.for most meats.

What is the difference between white smoke and blue smoke? 

I signed up for the class but I am not allowed to access my work e-mail here at home.

Can it be sent to a different email?

 I am really excited about this new site and my new smoker and want to learn from ya'll!

I made a fattie 3 times but NOTHING like what I have seen on here!

(the guy that made the fatty then finished it with the pie crust was absolutly incredible! ) I'll be that good some day! lol!

If someone would help me out navigating this site by giving me a quick email me and baby step me thru

the how to do and where to go stuff I'd really appreciate it!




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Well i'm new here today too, been reading a long time and found some very useful info that I am using in my smoker build. Very good forum and im sure I will have some question in the future,

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