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Bacon Question

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I sent a PM to a fellow member concerning hanging bacon and he suggested I put the question on the forum. I will be cold smoking a belly this weekend for the first time and was wondering if using a coat hanger to hang the bacon is safe ??

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Most hangers have some sort of coating on them that scrapes off with a knife..I wouldn't use them for hanging bacon.


Here's more from our handy dandy search tool.




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Bacon hangers are very inexpensive.


Here's where I get mine.

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I would not use a coat hanger for Anything to do with cooking. Bacon hangers are readily available and not expensive. You don't want to poison you family or friends with you hard work by cutting a simple corner. What kind/type of smoker are you useing? If it has racks you can just lay it on the racks and it will smoke just fine.

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Since I will be cold smoking i will try a couple of plastic tie wraps for this go around and then buy some stainless steel hooks next time.



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We where hanging the bacon for SELA with wire when we got tired of cutting the colored Tie wraps I used to identify the bellies.  We left them and used them to hang the pieces on our Dowels.  Didn't have a lick of problems with them


Good Luck on the smoke Bob,  you know it doesn't hurt to do another sugar rub a day or two before smoking if you want.  No need to rinse the bacon after the sugar rub.  Just brush it off, let it dry real well and then smoke.

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