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GOSM convert to charcoal?

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I've got the big GOSM but would like to use charcoal, I'm thinking I could just buy a big metal bowl and sit it in the opening in the bottom where the burner is and dump the charcoal in there?  I dont think I have vents on the bottom, just the top so I will probably have to put in a vent on each side near the bottom.  I'm thinking it should be pretty easy to use it as a charcoal smoker but still have the burner in there if I want to use it also.  Am I over looking something, seems like this would be to easy.

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You would need to get air under the charcoal so you would need some kind of grate in the bowl and holes in the bowl under the grate.

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Quite a few have added a char griller sfb to their GOSM to burn wood and lump.

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Here's something to try if you want to be able to use it with the same capacity as with gas.



  • Remove the burner assembly from underneath


gosm burner.png


  • PLACE an ash pan underneath, like an old metal bucket, if using on a deck place a few thin pavers underneath or at the least add a few inches of sand.
  • A Galvanized bucket should be fine if just catching ashes, but try to get a steel or ceramic bucket.






  • use a vegetable grill pan for the charcoal like below




grill pan.jpg



Then tweak from there.



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not a gosm but i use lump in my gasser, i just drilled holes in a 2" hotel 1/2 pan..........smoker6002.jpg



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Thanks for the help guys, going to give it a shot in the next few weeks.

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