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Slicer or Knife

Poll Results: How do you slice YOUR bacon?

  • 75% (3)
    Meat Slicer
  • 25% (1)
    Sharp Knife
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Hi Bacon Maniacs!


I just finished smoking my second attempt at bacon (pics to follow on a different post). My first was simply cured with salt, sugar and spices - no pink salt. This time around I used the Hi Mountain BBB mix on a belly and cold smoked it with Apple.


When all said and done, do you all used a specialty meat slicer or just a sharp knife to slice your end product?

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Welcome to the forum! I've used both and prefer a knife -- super easy when the bacon is chilled, and clean up is a breeze compared to a slicer.

Please check in at Roll Call so we can all give ya a proper howdy.

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I use both depending on how much I am slicing. If I have a lot I use the slicer otherwise I use the knife. Ninja Chef Rob always uses a knife

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Slicer here, but I like thin sliced bacon.

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Like Gary I use the slicer for large jobs or super thin slices.  I hate to clean it for smaller batches.


For the smaller batches I do my anemic Chef Rob imitation.


Good luck and good smoking.

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