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Hello all, i hope you all had a good thanks giving day. I have a question. I was in my local hunting store, and they had a weston 3/4 hp 575 watt meat grinder on for 139. I went to the weston web site to check it out. They dont have one listed on there site, all they have is 625 watt. They had bigger and smaller, but nothing that was in my local store. The store had 25 of these grinders on sale. So i want to know what size is this one and is it good.

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3/4 hp is a good one ...mine is LEM 1/4 hp and it has plenty of power so the 3/4 you are seeing ought to be a heck of a deal. Amazon has it on sale for $89

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Free shipping too

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Sounds like a great deal to me!

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