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My first smoker build . Temp help!!!

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IMG_3960.JPGThis is my first build and my first time smoking meat . I couldn't seem to get the temp up to but about 225 which i think is a good temp but it took some effort to just keep it there . Does anyone have tips or tricks ?

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Msox, give us more info. like a shot of the inside, how the firebox is set-up etc.


Just looking , I wonder where the exhaust stack is... and is that door at the bottom barrel???


Your rig looks as if it would do the job, something is amiss.....confused.gif

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Oldschoolbbq , Between the two barrels i drilled a bunch or 1/2" holes .The stack is behind the lid which you cant see because it doubles as a lid prop.but it it a 1 1/2" pipe. and yes the door on the bottom is for the expanded metal fire box that is about 16'x16x10 sitting on some bricks to get the heat closer to the meat.


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ok so here is my take on this..   It's just a matter of airflow, which I don't think you have enough of.  Based on some rough estimates for 55 gallon drums, you have way to small of exhaust pipe.   My spreadsheet says you need 20 square inches of air inlet to the firebox (adjustable), 50 square inches (cumalative) of opening between the firebox and smoke chamber, and 24 inches of 4 inch pipe for exhaust.  The 1.5 inch is way to small for sure.  You would need 14 feet of that for enough airflow LOL.   Make those changes and things should run a LOT easier for you.

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Thanks for the tips.I think ill work on some of those mods tonight.

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