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Thanksgiving-the bird wasn't stuffed-but I sure am! Lots of Q-View!!

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Here's some pics from today's big event.


I used my Master Forge propane smoker with Todd's Amazing Pellet Smoker and apple pellets.

I brined two 8 lb. turkey breasts for 12 hours using the slaughterhouse recipe found here on the forum.

I then applied a brown mustard and EVOO wet rub followed by a dry rub under the skin and on top of the skin on one turkey breast. On the other breast, I removed the skin and used the same rubs to see the difference between smoking with the skin and without. Both turned out excellent with little difference in moisture-but I liked the skinless for the color on the edges.

It started out at only 45 degrees outside but I maintained 225-250 during most of the smoke and then cranked it up and got to 300 without the water pan filled to brown/crisp everything up a bit. Total cook time was about 5 hours to an internal temp of 160.


The turkey was very moist and delicious-we're hooked for smoking the bird every year!


Hope you enjoy the pics.


Thanks to all on the forum for making my new hobby a very rewarding experience! I couldn't have done it without everyone's ideas.


Happy Thanksgiving,




Here's a shot of my smoker:

My smoker



The AMNPS pellet smoker with Apple pellets. Still trying to find just the right setup. I have it sitting on 2 foil wrapped bricks in the chip pan. Had some trouble with keeping it lit and with all the pellets burning up rapidly-but I'm getting better!




This is about 1 1/2 hours in-smoke from both ends of the pellet smoker.

About 1 1/2 hours in



Just about done-added my mashed yams to the top

Just about done



I had to take a peek (and a sample taste)

Had to take a peek



Getting ready to serve. (I traveled down to my sister's house with the cooler/towel method-worked great!) Kept the turkey and yams in her warming drawer before popping back into the oven still foil wrapped to bring back to temp.

Getting ready to serve



A close up Bear view-first turkey with a smoke ring on our Thanksgiving table!

Bear view



And finally-here's a shot of my plate with all the trimmings.

My plate!


Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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That's a great looking meal you put together Ken!


Nice job!

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Awesome plate!!



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Great looking Turkey Breasts!!


Awesome BearViews!!!!


And a Perfect Plate!!!!


Thanks for showing!!!




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Great job on those birds Ken. They look absolutely marvelous. 

As a matter of fact, that whole meal looks stunning.


Happy Smokin'



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looks great from here.icon14.gif

pass me a plate !!!

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I'd love a plate. Great job.


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Nice smoke ring.

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Very nice Ken!

Congrats on a job well done beercheer.gif

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Nice job on them breast and your plate looks GREAT...That plate looks like it was made in LOUISIANA...

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Great job! I wish I had thought about taking pics of the meal. I only took a couple of pics of the turkey on the grill just before taking it up.

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That is a beautiful looking plate. It has everything I love.

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Great Job Ken!

Looks like everything turned out fantastic!!!


Once you smoke a bird, you're hooked for life




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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