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Thanksgiving Turkey 2011

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This year, I did not go with a heritage bird, but a standard one. However, I at least found one that was not injected with somebody else's idea of what should go in there. Instead I brined it using a recipe from Alton Brown's Good Eats show.


This bird started out at just under 19 pounds. I left the cavity empty and put the aromatics in the water pan. I used a rack and smoked it breast-side down since that worked so well last time. I had the MES set at 220 degrees and it took close to six hours from start to finish. I used the Smoke Daddy generator instead of the built-in chip tray since it is a little more convenient. It smokes for longer between refills.


Anyway, I know that people want pictures, not my talking about it so here they are:



Turkey was smoked to a temperature of 165 in the breast area, then covered and let rest before it was sliced.





Smoking was with the Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna in the MES 30 with the following:

Start with a base of lump charcoal, get that going well.

Add apple chips and mixed-hardwood pellets (made for smoking).

Refill with chips and pellets mix as needed.


Water pan contained an apple, quartered, an onion, quartered, a cinnamon stick, six sage leaves, four rosemary sprigs, and a sprig of thyme.


I didn't take any pictures of the slicing, but be assured, it was very moist and tender with the exception of the wing that was toward the hot corner. However, even that tasted good.


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Congrats Steve - Looks like you pulled it off.

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Awesome looking turkey!

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Looks great!!



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Man, the more I look, the better looking these turkeys get.

That looks simply yummy. Great Job!!


Happy Smokin'



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Now thats a nice looking turkey....................icon14.gif



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Thanks everyone. It was really good, one of the better ones I have done.


I took part to a group thanksgiving dinner with several families from the church at which we are members. It received great reviews.


For the brine, I used the recipe from Alton Brown's Good Eats Roast Turkey. using vegetable stock my wife made up. I had not posted that link for the brine recipe above. There were other versions of turkey there as well, so we brought home plenty of leftovers for turkey sandwiches, etc. Plus about half of it went in the freezer to go to Florida with us for when we see my parents at Christmastime.

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That thing is huge!! 

Congrats on a turkey well done  2thumbs.gif

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