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Smoking Two Turkeys, A Question

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Got a Brinkman Electric Smoker and smoking two turkeys this year. We usually bake one but decided to smoke them both. Combined weight of 25 lbs, not sure how long I should plan to take for both to fully cook. Any time frame suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.

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Smoke to an internal temp of 165 in the thickest portion of the breast and the thick portion of the Thigh / leg joint. Time really has no  meaning.

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I know you have to go by temperature, just don't want it to be time for dinner and my birds aren't ready, also don't want to be done five hours too early. Looking for some kind of rough time frame like 8 - 10 hours or 10 - 12. Not using a stop watch, just trying to get a plan together.

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Depends on what temp your smoking at.

I like to smoke my birds at 325º - 350º.


At that temp a 12 lb bird will take around 3 - 4 hrs (give or take)

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hey Jon,

last week i cooked 2 13lbers for a work thanksgiving lunch.  I smoked them between 266-275 and it only took 4 hours.  i was estimating 5-6 hours but at the higher temp they finished early.


So to answer your do not need to worry about the combined temp...1 15lber, 2 15lbers, or 3 15lbers will cook in the same amount of time. but as eman's all about temp. they might be off by 5-10 degrees.


if you cook at a temp of 265-275, like i did, i would say you would probably be done within 5 hours. if you do a little lower such at 240-250 you might add a hour or 2.  remember poultry doesn't have as much fast and connective tissue to break down like pork shoulders and briskets.


hope this help and if you have any more questions feel free to ask and the good people of this forum will help ya out.


good luck, good smokin', and post pics :)

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Thanks for the tip. That is all I needed to know; 3 12 lb turkeys cook around same time as 1 12 lb. I know I can start at my normal safe time.

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Good luck John & don't forget the camera!

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