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get ready to make some pumpkin bread ,And my @!#$%^ oven has gone out!!!

 not the element . wont heat but stove works fine .This puts the screws to me to figure out how to make turkey day on a bbq pit , mes 40 and 2 propane burners.

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Push it back to Friday or Saturday, come down to Slidell or meet us at the farm and cook it for us!!  We'll watch the game if you come down Friday  The spare bedroom is available


I'm sure I can find a couple goodies to add to the table. 



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For that matter you're welcome to go to the Farm Thursday.  I won't get away from the Inlaws in Hammond until Thursday afternoon

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Never fails. Found out Christmas night that my oven was 50 degrees low when it took FOREVER for the roast to get done.... themometers are a good thing...

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got an electrical problem in the house now Back 3/4 of the house is going dead . no breakers tripping . Looks like i'll be spending turkey day tracing wires in the attic.


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That's why i love my widebody gosm.It's my outdoor oven/smoker.

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Its getting chilly, the squirrels are looking for a place to spend the winter!  Good luck, those little son of a guns can chew through some wire.

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Good Luck with all that....JJ

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Hate to hear that bob......... found anything yet.... wish I could help... Your a electrician correct..... sherrie must be playing a joke on ya........biggrin.gif



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Good luck Bob, I hope it's an easy fix.

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did you lose one of the 110 legs?

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Originally Posted by Pops6927 View Post

did you lose one of the 110 legs?

thats what i was thinking

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It's very intermitant. goes out and may stay out 5 min. then back on . oven is trying to heat, but won't get hot. sounds like i am losing 1 leg.

was laying in bed at 3am trying to figure what it could be? multiple circuits going out.No breakers tripping . I am wondering if maybe it's dropping the neutral? i have a receptical tester and when it goes out again i will plug it in to check the neutral.

 Only warning i have is there's a 4' flourescent light in my kitchen that will start blinking b4 everything goes out.

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Sounds like a loose or wet pigtail in the attic,  strange that the flourescent would be on one of the two legs to the oven?   Maybe you have a loose service wire or one of the service wires is going out.  You said most of the back of the house is going out.  Next time it goes out I'd check the panel and see if you have power there. 


We had a pretty bad storm come through Tuesday so you may have a problem coming into the building. 


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Good luck Buddy!

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At my parents house they kept have intermitttant issues like that in the kitchen with one wall of plug ins going dead. It ended up being an outside plug in on the back of the house that the previous owner had installed and the wires were loose. Just a thought hopefully you can find the issue.

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Good luck Bob. Hope ya get it all worked out  

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The bane of all electricians is the intermittent problem. 


Back 3/4 of the house?  That's a lot of circuit runs.  Right?  If they're home runs to the panel, maybe you've got a loose feeder, but that's not too likely, unless you have a subpanel controlling that section.  Up this way, we had a lot of homes wired with aluminum wiring (plus a lot of mobiles) back in the 70's and of course now, the problems are like an avalanche, the heating and cooling of wire is loosening the connections and the cheapo stab backs don't help either.


The only other thing that comes to mind is a buried J Box.  I had problems with a water heater until I did a remodel and in demo-ing a wall, I found a buried j box, no access of course.  Yep, it fed the water heater and you gotta love wire that was twisted together, then to protect it, wrapped in tape.  No clamp, no wire nut, just twisted.  My house was built in 1903 so I guess I should have expected lots of DIY remodeling before I came along.  How old is your house?  Just something for you to think about.

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Hope you will come right.

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Think i found the problem and resolved it. now i'm scared to live here .

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