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Originally Posted by motokid View Post

Are you still lining cast iron pan with tin foil? Looks that way from picture, but maybe my eyes are off today. 

Is that just to make cleanup a little easier?

Nope...that is just soot, and leave the holes open in the pan underneith, helps the heat and flame get through to the iron pan, then when you get a little to much soot in the pan, just grab a oven mit, pull the pan out dump it in the dirt and dust out the pan, so the wood stays in good contact with the iron, and right back in and toss a chunk on and close the door...Viola.! 

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am i making enybody DroooooL yet.?


Picture 013.jpg


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So I have purchased a Maverick ET-732 thermometer set,  and acquired a cast iron frying pan for wood chips/chunks. 


Doing an initial burn-in of the cast iron pan before I smoke some salmon today,  and I've discovered (not surprisingly) that the Masterbuilt "thermometer" on the front of the smoker is reading low by anything from 25-50 degrees depending on temp range. 


Below 200 F it looks like the Masterbuilt  is showing about 20 degrees low. Over 275 F and the Masterbuilt is about 50 degrees low. 


Over 375 F and the Masterbuilt looks to be almost 75 degrees low. 


Again - I'm not shocked by this at all. Just throwing it out there. The MAsterbuilt Temp Gage is a POS. biggrin.gif


The best news is the air temp outside the smoker is reading 63 F. 

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Smoker holding rock solid at 189 degrees




2 pound slab of deliciousness prior to going in. 

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Save yourself a bunch of time and grief, look at what others have done to the M/B Gasser to fix it's shortcomings.This is all you need to know about this smoker.




In my opinion, forget all the tin foil stuff in the chip pan, the high heat burns it up. Toss the piece of crap original pan.




For what it's worth, here's my review with some easy and cheap common sense mods. I'm going on 40+ smokes in my M/B Gasser, flawless each and every time!



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Oh, and the  Maverick ET-732 thermometer, buy it. Buy it, BUY IT!


You can find it on e-bay cheap from a US seller.

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Thanks for your comments. After having a flare-up with wood drips with my electric smoker, I was hesitant about using wood chips in my (new) propane smoker. Regarding these comments:

"This is where the use of the wide foil really comes in handy. Wrap the foil around the pan and trim off the foil that goes over the rim into the pan. Make sure you always foil the water pan before you use. If you are planning a dry smoke, i.e. no water in the pan, foil the inside of the pan."

Why foil the inside of the pan if you're not planning on using it? Also, how much/many wood chips should I use during smoking. Also, if I don't use water (in the water pan), how will I create smoke?

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The pan will catch drippings from whatever you're cooking. If the pan is foiled, easier cleanup.
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If you use the cast iron pan method instead of the stock crappy chip pan, do you have to season the new pan?  If so, how?

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Just got my double door Master built today and started seasoning it. This step by step is a great help. I will have to try the foil in the pan because the 2 cups of chips i put in to season were gone in 20 minutes. I found this post because I was trying to figure out why only 2 cups were used, it didn't fill the pan even 1/2 full for me.   I am guessing I got flare ups because I did not turn it to medium I had it on high the whole time and I didn't use the foil tip.


Thanks again for this and your insulation post. I bought some gasket for the 2 doors to seal the front, but I may still look into further insulation on the outside because the walls are very thin. 


One oddity with mine though was that one of the legs was about a half inch smaller than the others. I have to resolve this with a stand or something for the whole thing I think.

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Bump....GREAT THREAD FOR MB NEWBIES!!!!! Thank you so much!
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Glad you like the thread.  Just a comment for you that are using wood chips.  Wood chunks are much better and last longer.  I use chips only for very short smokes.  The mods, i.e. the insulation, the regulator change, etc., are working great.  Good smoking to all of you!!!grilling_smilie.gif

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For all of you Maverick ET-732 / Masterbuilt Vertical smoker users:


I'm interested to hear where people are clipping the temp probe for the smoker itself.  I've tried several positions, but seem to get the most accurate readings clipping it underneath the center of the top rack.  That rack happens to be where I also put put the ribs when I smoke them, so I've wondered if stuff dripping down on the probe affects its reading?

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I take the smoker probe and stick right down the chimney and let it dangle there inside the smoker.  Works great.

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Great information; however the one thing I can not seem to find is how much smoke there should be and how to control the amount of smoke there is.  I am beyond a newbie just have eaten smoked food, but have never ever smoked.  I purchased a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker and I am very intimidated but know I must do it and learn that way.  If there is a half way simple explanation of just the smoke that would be helpful.  I am a good cook and have bbq'd many years so I do have common sense and experience.

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The amount of smoke is basically determined by the amount of wood chunks or chips used, i.e. the more you put in the pan the more smoke there is.  You do not need a lot of smoke.  4-5 chunks is usually adequate. I would use chunks as much as possible as they will last a lot longer and give a more consistent smoke.   If the smoke is billowing out, you probably have put in too many chunks.  For a lot of smokers a thin blue smoke is enough.  I like to do a little more than that.  Do not be afraid to experiment.  Most of all have fun!!

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I don't use the wood pan that came with my masterbuilt anymore I went on amazon and bought a WOK and an 8 inch CastIron skillett and I get excellent smoke 

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Thanks TT Ace, very helpful. What I'm learning is learning how to smoke is trial and error.  Today is a gorgeous day and plan on smoking a whole chicken and some ribs.  I'll let everyone know how I made out.  I do have a castiron skillet for my chips/chunks.  Enjoy this gorgeous day in CT.

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TT Ace,


Thanks for all the great information! I am currently in the process of purchasing a smoker as it is something that I have wanted to do for a while now. Is this the smoker you would recommend for an absolute novice like myself? If not, any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated. Also, what type of meat do you think would be best for a trial run? I am hoping to get a few smokes in before Thanksgiving so I can smoke a turkey. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!


Thanks again!!



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Hi Allan, I was a novice (am) and just bought the Masterbuilt Smoker in July by talking to a man in Home Depot who had been smoking for over 20 years and was adiment that this smoker/propane was the way to go, so I bought one.  It is AWESOME!!!!!!  The one problem I had and asked and aksed and never got my question answered was how to control the smoke.  As ridiculous as this sounds, I was trying to use the dampers, as I would a wood stove, but that has nothing to do it with it.  I am using (as recommended) a cast iron skillet on top of the wood chip/chunk pan and I only use one soaked piece of wood as needed.  Duh the more wood the more smoke, I had to learn this one my own.  But I have had total success by reading, reading, reading on how and what to smoke.  Obviously this site is an extreme help.  But you do know that everyone's method is the BEST!  LOL  Have fun, and enjoy. Eat dring & be merry

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