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Brisket Problems

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So, this is my first brisket smoke and I am really excited.  I already have the dry on and just waiting for daylight.  Question: the brisket I purchased was around 11lbs and the end of the brisket is about 4" thick has tons of fat.  My first thought is to cut this end off but I was wondering if I should save for a stew or just smoke that piece as well.  I had to cut the end off anyway so the brisket will fit in the smoker (im just a small fry!!).  Any thoughts would be great.

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Trim the fat down to 1/4"

What you are seeing is called "The Corn"


After you smoke the brisket to temp, separate the point from the flat.

Cut the point into chunks and make some "Burnt Ends"




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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You can cut anything and it will smoke just the same...size doesnt matter when its tbs! I would make sure you catch the drippings necause that stuff is awesome!

Good luck and remember that it's not a time thing but a temperature thing! It is done when it is done!!!


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There are a lot of ways to smoke a brisket. Here's one to look at.



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Here are some pictures of what I think people are calling "The Point" am I right?  Also, I cut the point up glazed with homemade bbq and placed back in the smoker for some burnt ends.


The Point


The Point


The Point


The Point


The Point

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That's what they look like icon14.gif


How were they?

Were they very moist and tender?

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I validated your post so all your pics should be fine now.  Good smokes to ya.

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From here, it looks like you did very well, Grasshopper!!!

Looks mighty juicy & tasty!!!


However, I'm just guessing because you didn't mention any temps, but it looks like you stayed well below 200˚ Internal Temp.

What temps did you cook with, and what were your final internals? 



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Thanks everyone.  I cooked the entire brisket between 225-250.  I took the point out at 165 cubed it, applied bbq and placed in back in the smoke.  The pieces where tender and the fat just melted in your mouth.  I'm sure this is going to be an acquire taste for those that aren't used to the fat but my wife and I loved them.

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Great job Jeff!

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