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Brine a breast with 20% solution??

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I picked up a boneless turkey breast @ Sam's the other day for me & the other half for our thanksgiving meal.  I plan on smoking it (duh...i'd smoke cereal if thought it'd come out edible LOL).  I was planning on brining it (solution TBD), but it says "Enhanced with  20% of a natural solution."


Still brine with that heavy of a solution?  Feeling it should still be brined, but wanted to make sure before I do.  The meat in the package is definitely "wet."  I've never seen one w/ 20% before o_0



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Take out some of the solution.... heat to 170 for 15 minutes to kill all the bad stuff and taste it to see what is in it....

Read the label to make sure there are no nitrates/nitrites in it first... that may not be good to eat in a brine solution....

That should give you some Idea of what is in it....


JJ chime in here

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Ghostred,it will be OK, first I would wash it off real good and place it in your Brine with your flavors mixed in and leave for 24hrs. Rinse and dry, then add any Rub or Compound Butter you want.


Have your Smoker ready and up to heat(I suggest 275*f) and when at or a little over 165*f,she's done and ready for a quick rest.


If it starts to brown too much,place a tent of foil over the top.


Happy Thanksgiving and...

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Ghost...That mean that 20% of it's Weight is Water and other natural ingredients....Hope it was Cheap, that a lot of water you are paying for...Most I have seen were 3 to 8 Percent enhanced....You can Brine as desired...JJ

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