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venison jerky with Q-view

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hey everyone made some jerky yesterday what do u think.


meat before rub and marinate


after rub and marinate, just put it in the smoker


i used a mixture of apple and cherry chips for smoke


after two hrs of smoke IMG_0905.JPG

had great TBS the whole time


after about 4hrs looking good enough to eat but not yet


finally it was done and damn taste


my smoker worked great keep it at 125 to 145 the whole time, and I'm ready to do another batch this coming weekend if not sooner.

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looks great! I'll be making some myself this week.
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Looks good. I have some goose jerky in the marinade as we speak. Tomorrow will be the first time I try smoking jerky. I usually just use my dehydrator. I still don't know if I am going to do the whole thing on the smoker or just smoke it for flavor for a few hours then move it to my dehydrator.

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