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1st time slim jims today!!.. Pics added

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received my #1 cure and dextrose in the mail last night  running to the store in a few to get the rest of what i need

 will post pics as i go . one question  though........

does it matter if i add all the seasonings to the  water/buttermilk  or add to to the meat and mix ?

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I think it spreads better when added to the liquid, and dissolved, but I guess it's not a set rule.


However, I would definitely add the cure to the liquid, because you want that distributed throughout the meat---evenly.


Then mix, and mix, and mix.





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made up the meat and let it rest for about 2hrs in the fridge only because I'm anxious to taste them ... put in the smoker  at 150 deg  been in now 2 hrs just bumped up temp a little  using peach wood for smoke






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looks good so far. ya might want to allow some space between the coils of stick so the smoke will penetrate evenly

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Great start!

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Cool Beans


Like Dan said, put some space in your coil. Touching you will get a spot and they might not get done where they touch.


Your doing good.

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Looks real good Ikrus!!


Nice Job !!!!!


I agree about the spacing. 

Even with my Unstuffed Beef Sticks, if any touch each other, there will be a light pink color there, instead of the dark mahogany like the rest of the stick.




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