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Smoking with pellets

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While picking up some wood chips today I saw bags of pellets designed to be used in a specialized BBQ/smoker.  Can I use these pellets in conjunction with wood and or charcoal?  I would be sprinkling a handful at a time like I would smoking chips.

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They work OK in a MES, but they are not designed to put them right on the coals. They catch fire real easy and just burn up. Here is a little gadget designed for pellets. The owner of the company is a member here & a real stand up guy.

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My Masterbuilt book calls to use 3 cups of pellets, the pan won't even hold that much. How much should I use?

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You can use them with charcoal but I think it would be more effective and cheaper to use chips or chunks.
As Al said, they can be used with an AMNPS but you should be sure to buy pellets that are 100% of the wood specified, like the ones you can buy at  Most pellets in larger bags (20# or 40# bags) are rarely 100% of the flavorwood.  The are usually a mix of 50%-80% Alder or Oak and the rest the wood specified on the bag.  I have used Traeger pellets in my AMNPS and the dominant flavor was Oak. 


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