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Turkey 8% solution injected

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Any advise on smoking or preparing an injected bird? I'm under the impression any further brining will make it to salty. Any ideas on preparing it for the smoker greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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Around here I still can't find a bird that hasn't already been injected. Sure it may not be the same as brining a bird that is fresh and that has never been injected at the factory but I will always bring my birds. Yea it sucks I can't find a bird that hasn't been injected but I will always brine mine.

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Fresh is better when you can find them but it will not be too salty as long as you use the 1 cup kosher salt to 1 gallon water ratio.. I have been doing pre-brined and injected birds off and on for years and have never had one too salty.


No matter what kind of turkey you get, go ahead and brine it yourself and you will see a major improvement over the way it was.

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Yep, like they all said, go ahead & brine it.

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Mike, Pre-Injectect Turkeys are typically 2-3% Sodium whatever...the concentration of Seawater....Research indicates that for most improvment in flavor uptake and tenderizing...4-6% Brine Solution is best...Jeff's use of 1 Cup Morton Kosher Salt per Gallon Water, will give 5% Solution and Diamond Kosher is 4%.....The 8% solution is probably the the amount of water it was injected with...Your Brine will get some good flavor in...JJ

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I know some guys that will soak their birds with several water changes in an attempt to draw out / reduce the injected solution before putting the bird into their own brining solution. They claim in makes a difference, but to me, it sounds like too much trouble.  I just go ahead in put my solution injected bird unto my brine mixture, let it brine for 24 hours, rinse it off and put it into the smoker.  I've never had an 'over salty tasting' bird yet. The way I understand it, when the sodium content of the bird matches the sodium content of the brine, the bird quits taking on any additional salt.




Enjoy the Smoke!


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I have brined birds for 5 days and they weren't salty



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Thanks all, ill go with brining .

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