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Getting started...

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For those wanting to start making your own breads but do not know where to start this may help...


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Thanks Roller!

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Great link Roller,

I love making breads, I just don't get to make it as often as I would like.


I think lots of folks are intimidated by breads but ( I'm sure you'll agree) It's not that difficult and the finished product

is better than anything you can buy at the market.

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Your right Raptor ! I also enjoy it very much and its something you can do when you are not able to do something with the smoker.

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Here are some more helpful sites that Mrs Scar and I use


Lots of great info on these sites

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Thanks Scar those will be a great start for anyone. I use the freshloaf all of the time...

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not only does it taste better than the store bought stuff...but man, the way the house smells!!

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Thanks for the link

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