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Originally Posted by michael ark View Post

I just wanted the measured ingredients but if you want to post a step by step I'm can post it in your signature like bear does for all to enjoy.Quote:

Originally Posted by DaMrs View Post


if its ok wis you???

can i keep me one little room here going?

let me pop up da bunny makes Mozzerella an Ricotta cheese


standing in da sink.jpg

mill da flour.jpg


an like cheese dat just has milk citric acid an rennet

its what and How ya do with it dat makes it work,

Crossants are like that.

the most basic ingredients ...Yet Its what an How ya do with It that makes it Crossants.



Originally Posted by Owlcreeksmoker4 View Post

Welcome aboard, tons of useful information and plenty of helpful people to get you set and creating the TBS of your own. I would suggest the E-course, very good regardless of skill level

I am so sorry..

I do not understand ONE thing you said.

after helpful people...

an dems why Im here.


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Where are you from DaMrs?

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Where are you from DaMrs?

we Live on da prarie..

Just a few achers of land WAY out in da middle of No Where.




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Welcome to the party!

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piggy to market.jpg

arnold an DB.jpg

angelic morning.jpg




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well da piggys were REALLY REALLY good.

dem got TURKEY all da way up da ramp an to da Holding pens

at the feed mill starting weight was 10760

after unloading final weight was 10100

that means they weighed 660 for the pair.

sure did not seem like dem were 330 Pound piggys that was following me around like a puppy doggies.

so that was quiet the suprise for da moo cow man, We were guessing around 250 - 275  an they were

not Fancy High Bread pigglets so Him was giggling all da way home How you get them so SOLID him

would say... I smile an just say I played wis em dats all. Just Play wis dem.


Kind of Odd to wake up an NOT go out to say MORNING piggys an feed an water dem.

yet the moo cow man said

come spring we will get some Iso weaner piggys {now dems da FANCY Piggys}


next crossants are NOT forgotten.

sparkey stoped at da grocery store an got more flour an butter needless to mention Camera Batterys

{told ya he supports Your requests}

so will start to work on that as soon as we finish eatting up all dez Left overs.








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