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moink balls

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made a few moink balls to snack on this saturday while watching some ball


stuffed with some smoked mozz, slap your momma hot spioce and some sweet baby ray onion sauce


11-12 005.jpg


on the smoker with some hickory


11-12 013.jpg


guarddog is doing her job keeping the smoker safe


11-12 009.jpg


must be halftime


11-12 014.jpg


sliced in half for a nice cheesey shot


11-12 015.jpg



thanks for looking



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I love those things and yours looks great !

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How is that onion  Baby Ray's? I have a bottle but have not opened it. The moinks look  great.


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looks great rick............icon14.gif



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Outstanding looking. Makes me hungry!


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It looks great . and how was the ribs

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Looks delicious Rick!

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Im a big fan of that Sweet Baby Rays. Moinks look great also.

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Great smoke!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great job on the Moinks Rick thumb1.gif

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Looks-Great.gif Guarding the beach must of left her tuckered out.biggrin.gif

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Looks great man - I bet those were tasty

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nice job, rick (shhhhhh--------whispering so I don't wake the guard dog!)  




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looks good , I assuming they take as much time as ATB's ?

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