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Thanks Bubbonehead. That's more in my price range. I'd probably go with the 20 CFM because of the size of the pit. I'm thinking that once it's up to temp., load it up with charcoal/wood, damp it down and let the PID loop take over.


This is a tortoise marathon and I got something done today.


grill in 004.JPGgrill in 001.JPG


I liked the pull out grills I saw on some of the other builds. I plan on having about a 12" wide work table running the length of the smoker so the pull out would make loading a whole hog easier. I've never cooked a whole pig before but I will have to try it now.


Did anybody who has slide out grills have any trouble with them binding up after they get hot?

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Originally Posted by Dragons Breath View Post

Did anybody who has slide out grills have any trouble with them binding up after they get hot?

No but we did add 1/8" of clearance to ensure that didn't happen.


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One cool thing about a stoker is you can get twitter updates on your smoke .The ultimate wireless probe.

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Thanks Solar. I figured you left some clearance. I didn't and had to cut it apart and then left about a 1/4" clearance. Sometimes I have OCD. Gotta make things too perfect and it usually has to be reworked.


Hey Michael If I got a stoker I'd have to learn how to use twitter. lol  ;)

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Great build DB, I would go with the Guru over the Stoker.

The Stoker isn't user friendly like the Guru

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Hey DB Did you make it on time for Christmas?  You look soooo close from your last post.

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Morning China Smoke. I didn't get there yet. I have to find some pipe for the chimney. I have 4" SS product tube but I think I'm going with 4" or bigger NPT pipe. I have to find somewhere to buy it. And I will use it for the door counter weights also. I ran out of oxygen again, but I am close and want to do a first burn. I am making the counter weights curve the same radius as the tank.


counter weight 017.JPG


This is the pattern. I'll burn 3 more so I can get on with this thing.


Thanks Raptor. I need simple!

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I was looking at the same type of pipe for my chimney but couldn't see buying, i think it was 10 feet of the stuff and i only needing 2 feet.  I wound up just using a 5 inch diesel exhaust pipe, for the mean time, know that it won't last as long as the rest of the rig.  Can't wait to see your counter weight.

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I got started on the counter weights and ran out of gas. 


counter weight 002.JPGcounter weight 008.JPG


My flow meter developed a leak so I'm going to take the wife for some R & R and try to recharge the old batteries. .

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Awesome counter weights


Looking good DB, keep up the good work icon14.gif

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That is too cool. Excellent fitment. Any idea what your final lift weight on the lid will be once you finish the counter weights?

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Wow, those counter weights are awesome.


Maybe it's just the perspective of the picture but it looks like you're going to have to be careful going under overpasses for clearance!

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Thanks Raptor700 and Bubbonehead. Can you say heavy? It'll probably be in the range of 200+. Now I'm thinking of adding a little more hinge. We were suppose to leave this morning but the wife had some running around to do, so I got both counter weights on. I'm adding some temp. weight to the pipes as seen in photo. It balances out pretty good now. I can open and close it without straining too much.


Counter weights tacked 003.JPG


I found some 4" schd. 40 for an arm and a leg. Got it home and it looked way to small for the pit. I used the calculator and it said 4" should be 114" for my firebox. Luckily the guy let me trade up to 5" and now it's only 66" long. My surprise was when I got it home it turned out to be schd. 80. Add another 100#s to the total. At this point I have to use what I have. Almost there.

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The stack is welded in. There's always consequences that are unforeseen. I planned a tangential entry, or in this case an exit, and apparently I didn't count on the height of the pipe to tank cutout. 


stack 026.JPG


It came out like I planned it except the stack location is higher than I wanted.


Tangential entry 006.JPG


Time will tell if I have to modify it. I could weld some of the drop back onto the bottom of the stack. The bottom is fine but probably most of the smoke action will take place a little higher than anticipated. Actually it will be right for the upper half grill I am planning. This thing is never going to get done if I don't keep changing things. Have you changed your plan today?


mmain1 the photo is an optical illusion. The top of the counter weights are about 6 and 1/2 feet. The top of the smoke stack is about 8 and 1/2 feet. I think that acceptable. It won't fit in the garage but there shouldn't be any clearance problems on the road.


All the components are on the smoker and now I have to go back and finish welding everything. Maybe I can do the first burn in this week. What a way to start 2012.

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I feel ya. I think we must have changed our minds a dozen times on everything we did and then second guessed it after we made it permanent.

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Looks-Great.gif That's all of the fun of the build !!!!! Tryint to make up your mind on what to do and how to do it....then someone says "ONE" little thing and changes EVERYTHING !!!! To me that's what it's all about......Looking great by the way.....

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Awesome fitment! You've got some skills there O'brother of the Q.

Today I'll try an idea that I'll credit to you and your letters.

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Thanks for the kind words solaryellow, Shoneyboy and Bubbonehead.


If you need any help or how I did it Bubbonehead  let me know and I'll PM to you.

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DB, I don't know if you've seen this guy's build or not but check out this LP burner on the second to last page of his thread.



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