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How to Save Brine?

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I just made 2 gallons of brine and found I only needed 1 gallon.  How can I save 1 gallon of brine?  How long will it keep?



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Try Quart size Chinese Soup take-out containers or other quart containers and Freeze it, but leave 1" head space for expansion...OR...Divide it in two large Zip type Freezer bags, lay them down in a 9"x13" pan and Freeze, they lay flat and don't take as much room...You can take them out of the pan after freezing, don't need a mess in the freezer if they leak...JJ

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I don't know how to save it. Maybe you can freeze it and that way it might keep but I think I would just yrash it myself just to be safe.

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If your talking about a simple salt & sugar brine I agree with Mark, just toss it. I don't have enough freezer space to freeze extra stuff. It could only cost a little bit and not worth the trouble.

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RVrivalKC,Chef JJ had a great solution in packaging in small amts, and freezing,Remember though, that a used Brine is not to be used again, too easy to contain Pathogens of Botulism.

Pour out the used stuff and doo fresh as needed, it's a cheap recipe and you don't to hurt anyone with your Good Eatsbiggrin.gif.


Have fun and....

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