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Originally Posted by Brae View Post

Well, we are all outa money this Christmas so we each are making something to give to each other.  My sister is the bread maker, me pasta and meat, mom ain't talkin'.  LOL  Anyway, I have what i need to make BBB, High Mountain Seasoning is coming in the mail. After curing, make sure you do a salt-fry-test----Hi Mt can be a little on the salty side.


Question 1:  from what I have been reading: what is pellicle?  I tend to love my famly most of the time and don't want to keill em! Pellicle is just a dry tacky condition, that the smoke will be able to adhere to. It will not hurt anything--It is your friend.


Question 2: I will be using an MES in about 40 degree weather. Plan on setting it at 70 degrees.  I don't think you can set an MES below 100˚. If you want to cold smoke, just use your AMAZIN. As long as it keeps it from freezing, your good. Is there a general time frame for smoking. Do you do it by pounds of meat?  Color?? I go by color. When you get a nice reddish brown color, you're good to go!!!  smell (I hope not)??  Is it the longer you smoke the smokier?  IMO--Yes. What is an average time for min to mod smoked meat.  Will be using a AMNz  IMO--6 to 10 hours with a little heat (100˚ to 130˚)----And 12 or more hours with less than 100˚.


Question 3: What types of pellets do you guys use for bacon?  Maple, pecan, apple,  etc I prefer Hickory, but the others are fine if you like it less smoky, or smoke it longer.


Thanks for any feedback.



Below is a smoke I did that was almost cold smoked. It got a little over 100˚, but no fat was rendered. 

You can follow most of it, and just substitute Hi Mt for my TQ cure. Just make sure you use the proper amount of their cure, going by their cure instructions.



Hope this helps,


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Thank you Bear. Your Q views on your bacon have made me soooo hungry.  they look terrific!!!  I will follow your advice.

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Bear is the man!

I can think of more than a few occasions when his experience and insight has been a help to me and others here!




To get all scientifical, a Pellicle is the surface of a meat that has been cured/brined, and dried properly. What this process does is pull proteins, salts, and sugars to the surface of the meat, and creates a perfect "bed" for the smoke to settle into that will allow its particles to pass through the meat via natural biochemical channels.

It's alot of big words, and it's neat stuff to know, but, all we really need to know is that pellicle=deliciousness, no pellicle=disappointment. 

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