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roast pork calypso

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Now that sure doesn't look like anything that I have eaten in the islands but it does look and sound good. Maybe I'll have to give it a shot thou.

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hey, hey - good to see you ~


supposedly it is an old recipe used by the colonials when they adapted old-world food (pork roast) to some new-world ingredients. based on the reading i did, i know it was mentioned on jamaica, which was british, and also a version of it was served on one of the french islands.....i think martinique ~ based on the spices, i kind of think that it may have some dutch origins, but i don't know for sure. if i come across any other information in the history of this dish, i'll let you know!


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Looks and sounds wonderful Tas.  I saved this one.  I really enjoy the variety of foods you have been posting -- I've saved quite a few!


Thank you....

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if you try it, you're gonna love it, guaranteed!

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Tas that looks awesome. Going to save this one 

Thanks for another awesome post

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Oh my, that looks GREAT!!!!

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Yet another great thread.

You have some wonderful recipes my friend!

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say, gents - i'm glad you like what you see! this one was a real pleasure to make, and i think that a person could do a lot of good things with it ~

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Back when the snow was still flying, I prepared this dish again, pretty much as before, except for the fact that I used a boneless sirloin roast rather than a bone-in loin roast:

We served the roast pork with some simple mashed potatoes, to which I added a couple of envelopes of Sazón Goya con Culantro y Azafran:

They tasted great, and were appropriate for the dish; however, the colour, as you can see, was a little weird:


Having said that, I can strongly recommend this dish for anyone wishing to get a real taste of English Colonial Caribbean cuisine. I can't wait to try this sometime this summer, using the flavours highlighted as part of a profile for grilling or barbecue. This method produces an outstanding array of flavours, and I am willing to bet that, with a few small adaptations, it would be great for any number of variations, including ham, barbecued pork roast, pork ribs, or grilled pork chops.


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whoops - picture psoting snafu in the post above, which is now fixed!

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Another very informative and awesome post. Looks delish.

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