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First Try at Bacon

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I got a couple pieces of leftover pork belly samples from my work, so I thought I should try to make some bacon.  Right now I am following Pops6927's Wet Cure Brine Recipe. They should be good next Friday (11th) or Saturday (12th).  I have until then to decide whether to cold or hot smoke them.


Recipe for brine.


For every 1 gallon of water, add:
2/3 cup sea salt
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp Sure Cure no. 1 pink salt


Here are the two pieces.


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I ain't even going near this one yet.


If it came from Pops, do it right and you can take it to the bank!


Now for the finished pics?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Good luck on your first bacon making excursion. I would cold smoke for sure otherwise you will render the fat

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You'll  never look at commercial bacon the same again!  Looking forward to the finished product.  Just sliced and packaged 7.5 lbs of mine tonight:




Good luck!  Pops won't steer you wrong, fer sure!

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Great start, I use Pop's recipe all the time.


As we speak I have a batch of BBB curing that I started yesterday.

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Wow, I'm gonna like this one in the end.


I'll be waiting............



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Ypu just have to love homemade bacon. You sliced that with a knife???? If you did you have some really nice knife skills.

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