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new superpads?

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Any input on the new superpads starting to come out now?  low end pricing $139 or so is very affordable, but are they functional, no major problems, etc?  I really need to get a cheap tablet for class, even at 9wpm I can type twice as fast as I can scribble (some call it printing, more like gibberish... I take notes and can't decipher them, lol...!)   Mostly for word processing, lists, notes, journaling, etc, but wifi would be nice, subscripted internet connection would be better but not affordable.


Found this site, looking for more info and reliability:|104012000000%20TabletPC%20Superpad%20KC%20PS%20AW|9133865215|paid_search|adwords|%2BSuperPad|104012000000%20TabletPC%20KC%20PS%20AW|BYB||104012000000|&gclid=CIW4yKa4lawCFQtU7Aod_xN_pg


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From what I have read on them they work well. Haven't seen alot of issues. The Kindle Fire is 199 and has email ability which you can compose a email and type your notes into the email with it.
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