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Smoked Chilpow

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Decided to try making some of my own chili powder(or chilpow as it's known in my house) and was very happy with the results. Here's kind of a play by play with pictures.


I forgot to take a picture of everything whole, but these are the peppers I used(anaheim, poblano, serrano, red and green jalapeno and some garlic cloves). All cost about $3. Cut in half and seeded and I sprinkled with just a pinch of black pepper

Peppers 4.jpg


Just got into the smoker, using the soldering iron & tin can method and cold smoked for about 2 hours. 

Peppers 2.jpg


TBS! sorry about the picture quality, and there should be a thermo where there hole on the right is stuffed with aluminum foil, but it got a little water logged the other day and I'ts drying out inside(someone forgot to put the cover on)



The peppers didn't take on much color during smoking, but they had to have taken on a good amount of smoke because they smelled awesome! This picture is after drying in the oven for about 11 hours overnight at about 140 degrees. The whole house had a light smokey peppery smell and everyone was angry when they woke up hungry the next morning haha.

Peppers 3.jpg


Finished product, powderfied in coffee grinder, just a little bit of garlic ground up in the pepper mix, the rest of the garlic was ground up and kept in another shaker. I forgot that picture, but it looks pretty much the same except a lighter color. 



Both garlic and peppers tasted great! Not a lot of heat b/c of the blend of peppers I used but good flavor and a hint of smoke. Garlic powder was nice and smokey. It's definitely more fun and more rewarding to make all your own stuff. Will be doing another batch soon with much more heat, cant wait! Also thanks JlRodriguez for the Idea!

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drool.gif ,Yep, homemade is always better,you control the ingredients and Salt content. Well done Berninga.....


Have fun and................

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Hey berninga87,


Looks like good stuff!  I noticed that you removed the seeds. Was that to cut the heat, remove oil, or both? 


I was thinking of making some and mixing it down with salt.  This would be great on popcorn!



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Thanks everyone! dwolson, the only real reason the seeds are gone is because once I cut the peppers in half and removed the middle section I washed them, they were store bought peppers so I gave them a good cleaning. I suppose I would have gotten rid of them anyway b/c I'm not sure how much the coffee grinder would blend them up. But contrary to popular belief, the seeds aren't actually the source of heat, the capsaicin is in the inner wall of the pepper. However, there usually is some on the seeds just from being inside of the pepper so they will be a little spicy, and I think there is a way to remove that inner lining of the pepper to take away most of the heat, but I don't know it. I'm a spicy food fanatic, I kept the heat relatively low this time around to get a good idea about the flavor, the next batch will be hotter. I had thought about adding some salt, and I like the popcorn idea! Maybe some of that cheddar cheese flavored salt? Might be a winner! 

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So coffee grinders really do work good for spices. I've been looking at them lately thinking they would help for rubs and recipes. your pic just confirmed. love the chili powder idea too.
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Originally Posted by teeznuts View Post

So coffee grinders really do work good for spices. I've been looking at them lately thinking they would help for rubs and recipes. your pic just confirmed. love the chili powder idea too.

Let me know how the rub turns out and how you make it!

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I really don't care for chili powder as a general rule, but this looks amazing and I will definately need to try it and see if I can make something I like!

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