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Adding wood for smoking

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   I Love my GOSM smoker...It works great...Now here is what I want to here from the experts...When you are running your smoker, do you continue to add wood to the smoker? My GOSM has a small pan for adding Hickory, Apple, etc. So when you are smoking and this burns out, do you keep adding wood through out the smoke, Or do you only use so much? I am thinking one pan full of wood is probably all you need to get the smoke flavor you desire...So what do all you think?


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I keep adding wood in my gas smoker. I like smoke flavor & want smoke flowing the whole time.

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For na really long smoke I did recently, smoking BBB, I even added more pellets to my amzn p.

Just added them ot nthe burnt end of the row and let it burn in opposite directions.



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I keep adding... a couple chunks every 20-30 minutes unless I'm foiling, Then no need in wasting wood.
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The AMAZN products are awesome.


If I add wood chunks I like to burn them down until the nasty smoke burns out.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Supposedly during a Hot smoke the meat will only take smoke for about 3-4 hours. So this is the time I plan for but if I have plenty of wood or after foiling I will continue to add smoking wood...JJ

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