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Good day all. I have a question that i need some answers to. I have a mes 30 and I use some himoutain kits with the 3lbs casings that are farly long. I want to know how to hang them in the mes with out cutting them down, the one end is touching the heater and it will get very hot at that one end. I cant lay them on the shelf as i can only put one per shelf and it takes a while to do 30 lbs of sausage when you can only smoke 3 chubs at one time. Any ideas.

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That's the main reason I build my smoke shack. I was sick of smoking sausage and having to do many many loads. Now I just throw 100+lbs in my shack and let it roll. I can't really help you on your MES other than saying you might have to resort to smoking multiple batches.

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I think I found this on the site, not sure where.


Sausage Racks.bmp

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That's a nice setup!

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Have you already spun them and made them into individual sausage or are they still in one big casing? If they are still one long one just hang them in a spiral on the dowels and make a ring sausage style sausage instead of individual sausages. We started doing that a a few years back and I prefer them that way now.

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the casing are the big summer sausage ones. when i do the 1 inch round hog casing in it i have no trouble, it is when i do the huge casings


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Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood you totally. So you are making summer sausage. Ok that's different.

I guess the only suggestion I have is to not fill the casings all the way so that you can lay 2-3 chubs on each rack or even still hang them and they won't hang all the way to the bottom. That sucks though because you are wasting casings. If you have already filled them all the way then that won't help you at all. I don't have any other good suggestions for you. If they are really long like you say I agree you are going to have issues if they are hanging and almost touching the heater. The bottom part will get done faster and might be really dry or burnt a bit and the top may not be done yet. I'm afraid you are going to have to lay them on their side and do several batches. Hopefully someone can some along and give you a good idea and help you out more.

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Cut them in half and reseal the cut off ends, then hang them with some string.


  That's what I do...shorter lenghts and hang em high!!



summer sausage 007.JPG

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I want to get a 50lbs smoker from sausage maker, or build my own 4x4x8, that way i wont have a problem.

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Originally Posted by grimreeper View Post

I want to get a 50lbs smoker from sausage maker, or build my own 4x4x8, that way i wont have a problem.

Build yourself a  plywood smoker and you will be set.

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Here are the best plans for a smokehouse!!




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Definitely you can hang meat from the smokehouse, check out the build and the pictures under the link Smokehouse on my sig line!

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