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First Time Cheese

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Getting ready to try my hand at cheese for the first time! Q'view to follow, if I can get it to work .th_dunno-1[1].gif Haven't had much luck in the past so we shall see. Wish me luck!


Also I'm smoking a turkey. today, 


I'm doing the turkey on the GOSM and doing the cheese on the char-griller duo. It will be my first smoke on the duo so hopefully things will go smoothly. 



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Good luck!


Are you using a AMNPS for cold smoking the cheese?

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No. I've yet to invest in one yet. So far it is working perfect with the side firebox. Got a very nice TBS coming out of the exhaust stack on the Duo. I'm very impressed with it so far. I got it from a friend for FREE! Can't beat that price these days! LOL

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The problem is you have to cold smoke cheese. The chamber temp can't get past 90 degrees or the cheese will melt. So if you have a fire in the firebox giving you nice TBS your also going to generate enough heat to melt the cheese.

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I didn't make an actual fire in the firebox like I would to smoke meat. I'm just using a few pieces of charcoal under my wood chunks to make 'em smolder.

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Good luck!

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Into the smoke...




Getting ready to be vac. sealed and into the fridge...




Now for the hard part...WAITING!


I did pepper jack, monterey, mild cheddar, & mozz...I can't wait to taste it!


Thanks for looking. 



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looks good! start another batch cuz once 2 weeks are up that cheese won't last.

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The cheese looks perfect!


Nice color!

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Great lookin cheese. 


And I hate waiting the 2 wks to see what a new batch tastes like.




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Great Color


Waiting Sux!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I also had my first go -a - round with cheese yesterday.....








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Looks great!!!!  I like to put the cheese on the top rack and put ice under it just to help keep the temp down

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