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HELP! GOSM is sick orafice is clogged

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how to unclog an orafice   only getting half of my heat flow but not sur how to clear,   anyone with experience?

GOSM big block




need a surgeon


thanks in advance

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Blow gun and air compressor??  fine piece of wire??

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Get a welder tip cleaner it has diffrent sizes to clean the tip of torches.But what makes you think its the orafice. Just out of curiosty.Have you disasembled it regulator from hose from orafice from burrner.I have worked on burrners from 30,000btu to 2,000,000btu.Take it apart and see were the blockage is.Spiders love the smell of lp.I would take the burrner off the hose and see if a spider made a nest in the burrner.If you have gas through the hose then your orafice is ok.You can allso use a sewing needle .

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Eyeball for the right size drill bit in your drill index that will just barely fit inside, and run it in by hand while giving a little clock-wise twist with your fingers. This should break anything hard loose, and if spiders or mud daubers did their work, it should snag at least part of that material on the bit. A bit of grease spatter/drippings could cause problems as well, but if cold enough to solidify the grease, it should open up easily with a drill bit, and some will be stuck on the bit when you draw it back out.


Bring out the bit slowly while twisting in the closk-wise rotation as if you were drilling a hole...helps keep material bound to the bit fluting and not dropping inside the assembly.


Take a look inside with a flashlight and see how it looks. Blow-gun as Piney mentioned (watch the eyeballs, though), or a drinking staw to your lips can help direct your breath where you want it, and can increase the velocity of your breath.


Hmm...need to look at my gassers soon, too...getting temp swings that can't be explained by anything else other than gas flow issues.




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maybe ill nuke it!

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Don't nuke metal .icon13.gif

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I had some problems with mine & it turned out to be the pressure regulator that screws on the tank was bad.


They come as a unit with the hose attached.


Home Depot sells them.

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Gotta give it a Nuclear Stress Test, find the blockage, and get it fixed before the next Football game, or one Bear & one Dog are going to be very disappointed!!!!!




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