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Mod to my Old Country 20"

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I'm guessing this goes here.

I was getting very frustrated with the fact that I couldn't use most of my cooking area in my smoker, so I got to looking at found threads on tuning plates. This sounded great so my brother and I decided to try this. We bought 1/4" flat steel, 5" wide x 4 and one 1/4 x 2.5 wide and set them in.


ribs and mods 003.jpg


Fired it up and made adjustments to it.


ribs and mods 004.jpg


Finally got it dialed in. It naturally didn't stay perfect like this ALL the time but was fairly consistent. Recovery time was wonderful. Didn't take but a min or two to get back up to temp and hold steady.


ribs and mods 005.jpg


We like to sit out on the back porch at night. Either smoking food or putting another nail in the coffin so to speak, but as much as I love the smell of burning wood, it does get a little thick at times. We came up with this just to try it and see if it would continue to draw correctly. Now we have an elbow we can turn from the wind to keep it from back drafting on us as well as it keeps the porch very smoke free. If anything its drawing harder now than it did before. We have really needed to adjust the way we set our temps.


ribs and mods 006.jpg


Cooked some ribs last night on it. Temps WERE WAY different than what we had just the night before, I couldn't believe how much a difference adding that stack made. After a couple hrs of test burning we put the ribs on. I was afraid putting meat on it would change it alot but we were fairly lucky. Had the smoker full and it didn't do bad at all.


ribs and mods 009.jpg


We are going to have to come up with a way to secure that stack as the wind here gets a bit high sometimes. But we want to be able to move it easily. So any and all suggestions, tips, idea or kick in the pants are welcome.


Thanks all


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Looks like you're ready to start showing some meat with smoke rings!!!


Way to go Dave!!!




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